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Retaining walls are needed depending on the slope of the ground and other particular features of a yard. We offer retaining walls up to 4 feet high, beyond that an architectural and engineering design is needed which results in a much higher cost.


Using chemically treated wood lasts longer. and makes good a valid option to build retaining walls. There are other options, we can advise you in what would be a good choice for your yard.

Concrete and Cinder Block

Longer lasting options are the use of concrete or cinder blocks, which usually have a stucco finish or a stone veneer on it to make it look nice, flagstone or tiles on top. We design and build them from scratch to the last aesthetic details.

Dry stack / Free-Standing

Usually made from California flint stones, as its name says they are stacked up, usually sloped a little inwards.

The main characteristic is that because they are just a "stack of stones" they look very natural making a beautiful natural design that fits well with the environment. They do not have a "manicured look", but they do have a very natural appealing.