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Landscape Renovation and Repair.

Lendscape renovation is an easy and cost-effective way os renewing your garden!

Repairing a landscape while incorporating new ideas could be an extremely effective way to upgrade and renew your landscaping. You can save a good amount of money while still seeing great results.

Typical lawn repair includes aeration, use of organic fertilizers, etc.


Sod installations is a practical, costéffective, and especially fast way of having a lawn! In the San-Francisco Bay Area we widely use FESCU grass, which works really well.

Besides saving time, another important advantage is that the companies that create the sod follow well known landscaping practices producing strong grass.

Grass Reseeding

Grass reseeding including a proper fertilization and irrigation adjustment (typically slow irrigation) usually fully recovers yout lawn - or better!

Patches of lawn with no grass or thinning grass can be greatly improved just by grass reseeding.

Whether you’ve got a small bare patch or half a lawn to reseed, reseeding usually is a worthwhile, cost-effective choice. It is a well known process that works and makes you recover your lawn in a practical and effective way.


Soils are usually improves yhrough chemical fertilization and by adding components or extra soil. for instance, clay areas benefit from the addition of lime.

Scheduled Fertilization

Landscape fertilization can be chemical or organic. However, in practice more often than not chemical fertilization is used because organic fertilization usually results in raising the level of soils.

Weed Control

99% of the time includes chemicals approved by the State of California, they are effective and cost effective.

In special cases weeding can be done mechanically, by hand.

Soil Analysis

Soil analysis can provide very valuable insights and recipes for drastic improvement. It is done in special laboratories, for instance at the University of Davis.

When it makes sense because soild are just not working, soild analysis can be of great value.