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Line fences are both important in delimitating your property as well as to making your property border something beautiful and practical.

Fences do provide both practical and aesthetical qualities to you home. Practical aspects include privacy issues, keeping pets inside ane kids safe, keeping wildlife outside, etc. The structural part and use of plants play an important aesthetic role.


Decks can fuundamentally change the appearance, and even more important, the use of your outdoor space! A deck invites to actively use it, from just seating down to entertaining.

There are many design choices for decks, and we have the experience in advising you from the design to materialas, so you can make a well informed choice.


Although a redwood fence is little bit more expensive than for instance a pine fence, many prefer redwood over pine (or other woods) because a redwood fence looks better and lasts longer.

Composition material (Trex)

Wood-imitation material such as Trex is also used, it is not as beautiful as redwood but it is inexpensive and lasts a long time.

Trex can be used both in fences and decks. In general we believe that especially decks look better and have a warmer feeling with real wood such as redwood, but Trex does have it uses.