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Drainage is the most important unseen landscaping factor! If drainage is not properly addressed it can create serious structural damages to your home! Bad drainage can even take about 10 years to damage the foundation of your house.

It is extremely important to properly divert water from your home foundations.


Regular drainage can be as easy as to pick a low spot or dump spot and diverting to another area. There are many ways to do this and basically it is simply diverting of water from one area to another one, usually using underground solid pipes.

French Drainage

French drains are usually used to prevent ground and surface water from damaging building foundations. French drains are also known as weeping tile, blind drain, rubble drain, rock drain, drain tile, perimeter drain, land drain, or French ditch.

The common design is a trench covered with gravel that contains a perforated 3", 4", or larger pipe that redirects surface and groundwater away form an area. There also are lightweight gravel substitute that is wrapped around perforated corrugated pipe and covered with commonly used filter fabric.

Dry wells – Deeper French Well

In many ways it is similar to French Drainage, but instead of installing horizontal pipes it uses a vertical installation of pipes to go deeper, usually 6 to 8 feet, and to use a more concentrated area.