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Concrete and paver is a fundamental part of landscaping, especially because of its practical impact.

Paver is per-fabricated concrete stones which are both beautiful and practical. There are many type and designs, for example they could look like old cobble stone.

We have lots of experience in both selecting, designing, and installing paver.


Whatever your design ideas are for walking around your yard, back patio, or getting to your entrance, walkways are how you will do it.

There is a wide variety of walkway options, especially using pavers. We can help you turning your daily walks into something beautiful, enjoyable, and more practical.

Although very often you see driveways made from concrete and paver, a higher installation is a flagstone installation over concrete.


A functional patio can make or break you backyard because it is the area where you will spend most of the times outdoors in your house.

Choices for a patio are critical because besides liking it for its appearance, it has to be functional, practical, and easy to clean and maintain.

Driveways - Flagstone

How you approach your driving is not the only role of driveways, more and more they are also used as parking, even as a play area for kids.

Driveways are an extension of your garage and as such it has to look good from the street.

Flagstone is one of the high-end installations, it is practically a concrete foundation with flagstones on top of it. It could be pre-cut flagstone or free-shape flagstone, which is put together more like a puzzle. The choice between pre-cut and free-shape flagstones usually is based on aesthetic preferences.