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Property Landscape Maintenance

"If I can maintain the garden and landscapes around a commercial building and you never have to call me,
I think that I have achieved my goal."


In general businesses do not want to think about landscape maintenance, it is s diversion from their business! Businesses prefer to pay a monthly fee and we provide a full maintenance program based on their desires, requirements, and expectations.

Especially in property management, a beautiful and well maintained landscape is an asset that becomes very important -sometimes critical- in the rental selling process. If there are vacancies and the focus is on filling them, the last thing you need to be thinking about is your gardens. We offer property management firms a solution.

We perform:
- Weekly maintenance
- Seasonal maintenance

Lawn Renovation, SOD, Mowing Grass

Lawn renovation is needed when the lawn does not look as it should, that is uniformly green and healthy. If periodical mowing of grass does not maintain your lawn healthy an good looking, sod and grass reseeding are practical, cost effective ways of obtaining a fast result.

Aerating and De-thatching

Aerating an de-thatching are good practices to maintain your lawn looking beautiful, healthy, and renewing it by itself. These are great periodical practices which actually also work as "preventive maintenance".


Commercial landscaping often use annual flowers which make for a colorful, beautiful, and vibrant spring and summer. gardens. Not only annuals, but all plants need checking and when needed, replanting. In the Bay Area we are lucky of having a truly wide variety of choices - we can help you in the selection, design, and planting!

Parking Area Sweeping

Although it may not be obvious, the maintenance of parking areas also fall into commercial landscaping maintenance, and not only because of the surrounding flowers, plants, and gardens, but also because it maintains them clean.

Weed Control

The most beautiful and well manicured commercial gardens and landscapes may be invaded by weeds, with their bad effect on appearance and health of your lawns and plants.

Periodical preventive check ups and weed removals using safe chemicals approved by the State of California is effective.

Trees and Shrubs Care

Well cared for trees and shrubs show, as uncared ones also do. Periodical care of shrubs and trees is fundamental for a clean look of a garden or areas in commercial properties. A tree or shrub does has not been maintained properly does look neglected, which does affect the perception of your business.

Irrigation Repair and Installation

In commercial landscaping, well designed, installed, and maintained irrigation systems make a big difference! Not only it allows to water your lawn and plants as they need, but it can saves substantial amount of water, and money.

Moreover, and especially in commercial landscaping, a good irrigation system means "automation" that will save time and will not distract you from your business!

Removing leaves

Leaves on the ground sometimes look beautiful and colorful in the fall -for a short period of time- but most often they make an environment look unkempt, not a good perception for any business.

Mulching and Caring of Beds

As lawns, beds also need care, as mulching. We have extensive experience with all types of bed uses and in their proper maintenance.